New Life Territory Kid’s Church

A ministry to our children ages 3-12. There are puppets, music, teaching and more for every age level.

Restoration Student Ministries

A ministry for teens in grades 6-12. It is a high energy, exciting & relevant ministry to teens. Restoration Students meet every Wednesday night at 6:45 and offers small group opportunities throughout the month.

Midweek Service

Our adult discipleship group is on Wednesday night at 7:00.

Joy Ministry (Senior Adult Ministry)

Once you get past fifty, the fun has just begun. Whether you are retired, just plain tired, or active as ever, the over-50 group of Impact Church provides refreshment, ministry, and times of valuable interaction.

Restoration Kids 

Restoration Kids is a ministry for kids who are 3 years old to 11 years old. Each week, volunteers provide free snacks for students, have a fun game time, lead students in worship, and have bible classes that are relevant to each age group that is represented. The hope of Restoration Kids is that children will find a welcoming, safe, and fun environment to learn about the Bible and to find out who they are in Christ.

Restoration Intercessory Prayer

We are called to be a house of prayer to the nations and this ministry coordinates all of the organized prayer efforts of Restoration Church. It meets at different times throughout the week.

Media Ministry

In today’s fast paced culture, media is key to getting hope to our communities. Media ministry plays a key role in our ministry strategy. Media ministry oversees our church websites, podcasts, live streams and social media presence. 

Worship Ministry

Worship was many times a key component in the battles that God’s people would find themselves in. We at Restoration Church believe and practice worship in a way that honors God in our song choice and lifestyles. We believe that worship leaders are modern day priests who prepare the atmosphere for God’s people to receive His presence and Word for the day. 

 Small Group Ministry

In the book of Acts we see an immediate emphasis on community in the church. Christ himself called 12 disciples to do life with. We believe that it is his intention that we too do life with other Christians so that we can be challenged, encouraged, and supported through every season of life.

 Restoration Counseling Ministry

Restoration Counseling Ministry exists to help you connect your heart to God’s heart. We have a spiritual counselor available to walk you and/or your loved one through the tough times of life and see God restore what has been lost.